PA2527 Parker Duofold Senior. (Stubby Medium)

PA2527 Parker Duofold Senior. (Stubby Medium)
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PA2527 Parker Duofold Senior. (Stubby Medium)

Date: c1950s

Size: Capped - 5 5/8 inches; posted - 6 3/8 inches.

A beautiful glossy dark blue Senior Duofold.  This pen is in excellent condition.  There are no noticeable scratches on either cap or barrel, and the only damage I can see on it is a tiny bit of plating wear to the edges of the pocket clip that you will not even notice without a loupe.  The cap has a blue conical top "jewel" with a rolled gold Parker arrow pocket clip and a rolled gold "deco" engraved cap band.  The barrel unscrews for access to the Aerometric filler.  This is made from brushed steel.  it is very clean with none of the all-too-common tarnishing and discolouration..  The original pli-glass ink sac is still fitted and it is in excellent condition and retains some transparency with just some light internal ink staining through use.  The nib is a lovely and large 14 carat gold Parker No. 35 in a medium point.  It is still nice and shiny and undamaged.  This imprint on this pen is complete though in common with most examples of this pen, it is quite shallow.

I have fully serviced this pen.  Because of the large ink sac, it holds a good amount of ink.  The nib is very smooth with a good amount of iridium on the tip.  It is a slightly stubby nib, giving some understated line width variation as you write from a fine-to medium to generous medium, bordering on broad width.

A lovely writer and a very good sized large pen.

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