PA2574 Parker 75 Perlé Fountain Pen and Ballpoint Set, boxed (Fine)

PA2574 Parker 75 Perlé Fountain Pen and Ballpoint Set, boxed (Fine)
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PA2574 Parker 75 Perlé Fountain Pen and Ballpoint Set, boxed (Fine)

Date: c1990

Size: Capped - 5 1/16 inches; posted - 5 5/8 inches.

A beautiful and sought-after Parker 75 set in the gold plated Perlé finish.  Both pieces in this set are absolutely stunning and in near-pristine condition with no damage to report. Havingn examined them, I don't think either piece has actually ever been used.  The caps and barrels are gold plated and decorated with a beautiful combination of vertical lines and little bobbles that stand proud of the surface.  

Fountain Pen

Starting with the cap, the gold filled tassie has an indented gold coloured metal disc.   The polished cap band is imprinted "PARKER" and "FRANCE" with a date code for 1990 .  The barrel has a similar tassie as the cap.  The section is in black plastic with a circular cross-section and a shaped and textured gripping point.  The nib is 14-carat yellow gold and in a fine point.  The forward end of the section has a narrow gold plated band, and as with most Parker 75s the nib and feed will twist around so that you can angle it at the correct angle for you.  This pen is a cartridge filler, accepting standard Parker cartridges, or you can use the original Parker ink converter that is alredy fitted to the pen.  


The ballpoint has a date code for 1989.  It is a cap-actuated mechanism - you press down on the cap to extend and retract the writing point. 


Also in beautiful condition, the grey flocked box has a paler grey lining.

I have fully serviced this set.  The fountain pen writes with a very  smooth, fine width wet line. The ballpoint works perfectly. 
A quintissential Parker, and a very sought-after model.

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