PA2609 Parker 45 Flighter, boxed. (Soft Fine)

PA2609 Parker 45 Flighter, boxed.  (Soft Fine)
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PA2609 Parker 45 Flighter, boxed. (Soft Fine)

Date: c1971

Size: Capped - 5 5/16 inches; posted - 5 7/8 inches.

This lovely Flighter is still in excellent condition.  There are a few faint and wispy scratches to the surface frosting on the barrel and the cap, but that is all the damage I was able to find. It is associated with the original instruction sheet that is dated 1971, so the pen will most probably be around that date.  It has a chromed Parker arrow pocket clip and chromed clutch ring.  The section is in glossy, unmarked black plastic.  The nib is in a fine point, made from 14 carat gold, and is also completely undamaged with a generous blob of iridium at the tip.  The barrel unscrews to allow filling of the pen.  It may be used with either a standard Parker ink cartridge or filled from a bottle using the original Parker ink converter already fitted.  The original paperboard Parker presentation case is also in excellent condition.  Inside is the original instruction sheet, and below the pad is the original Parker Tap Tank cartridge box with a single unused ink cartridge inside.  The whole thing is very clean and tidy with an unmarked dark blue satin pad. 

I have fully serviced this pen.  The nib is very smooth in action and writes with a lovely wet and fine width consistent line.  Unusually for a Parker 45, the nib is also quite soft and will provide for some attractive if understated line width variation from a fine to a medium width as you write.  

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