PA2610 Parker Jotter Ballpoint and Fibre Tip Set, boxed.

PA2610 Parker Jotter Ballpoint and Fibre Tip Set, boxed.
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PA2610 Parker Jotter Ballpoint and Fibre Tip Set, boxed.

Date: c1970?

Size: Capped - 4 13/16 inches; posted - 5 1/2 inches.

A rather unusual Parker jotter set comprising ballpoint and fibre tip pen in black and in their original plastic presentation box.  both items are in excellent condition.  with a loupe, I can see a few very small and fine scratches to both pieces, but there is nothing you would notice without magnification.  The ballpoint pen has the usual brushed steel cap with the metal push-button retractable mechanism.  The Parker arrow pocket clip is chrome plated.  The pen works perfectly, and is still fitted with its original Parker T-Ball refill which is writing very well still.  The fibre-tip pen is more of a curiosity and is very much more unusual than the ballpoint.  It has a brushed steel cap with a black plastic elongated top button.  As with the ballpoint, the pocket clip is chrome plated.  The barrel has a flat end with a slightly convex end piece.  The gripping section is black plastic to match the barrel and has a metal collar at the end.  Most unusually, the fibre tip refill still actually writes, though for how long it will continue to do so I have no idea.  The refills for the fibre-tip pens are no longer available so this is more of a collector's piece than an every-day user pen though of course, the ballpoint is eminently useable.  The original box has a smoky tinted clear plastic lid with the Parker logo etched and filled in gold.  The black base gas a cream-coloured flocked plastic insert, below which is the original guarantee/instruction sheet. 

I have fully serviced this set.  both pens work nicely, and all-in-all, it is quite an unusual little set.

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