PA2622 Parker 51 Classic (Transitional) Fountain Pen & Pencil Set, boxed. (Generous Broad)

PA2622 Parker 51 Classic (Transitional) Fountain Pen & Pencil Set, boxed.  (Generous Broad)
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PA2622 Parker 51 Classic (Transitional) Fountain Pen & Pencil Set, boxed. (Generous Broad)

Date: c1969

Size: Capped - 5 9/16 inches; posted - 6 3/8 inches.

A very pretty English dove grey Parker 51 set.  Both pieces are in excellent condition with absolutely no damage at all that I can see - there are not even any of those wispy marks you get in the cap frosting.  All is still very nearly pristine.  The caps have no dings and the delicate frosting is still all there.  The barrels are scratchless and very glossy.  Both caps have a clear grey top jewel with a chrome plated Parker arrow pocket clip.  

Fountain Pen

The barrel unscrews to reveal the Aerometric filler which is in excellent undamaged and shiny condition.  The original pliglass ink sac is still installed and has only light internal ink staining.  This is a "transitional" pen, it has the late Parker 61-like cap with the thin clutch ring and the sac guard that does not have the black end piece.  All these features are from the late model Aerometric 51.  The barrel, however is still of the rounded end variety, which makes this a very late model Aerometric pen.  Indeed, the instruction sheet inside the box would bear this out as it has a date in September of 1969 written on it along with the name of the original owner, whom I bought the set from.    He said it was a birthday present to him when he was 21.  He has used it a few times, but it has spent the vast majority of its life safely tucked away in its box.  The hooded nib is in a broad point and made from 14 carat gold.  As this is later pen, the barrel bears no imprint; another difference from the earlier Parker 51s.  Very unusually, this pen still bears a small part of the factory-applied chalk mark on the barrel.  Another indication that the pen has seen hardly any use. 


This is a propel-expel twist pencil.  It is of the earlier type as Parker did not make the 51 "MK. II" pencil until late 1969.   This pencil, too, is in excellent and totally undamaged condition.  The cap pulls off to reveal an unused pink eraser.  Below the eraser is the spare lead hopper, complete with spare 0.9mm leads.  I have also installed a fresh lead in the mechanism.  The cap has the chrome plated Parker arrow pocket clip and a very clear imprint around the base just above the polished band.  The chalk marks on the pencil are complete.  


The original box is also in excellent conditoon.  The lid is pale grey with black criss-cross lines; the base is black with grey criss-cross lines.  Inside the lid is lined with grey satin, and the pad is made from the same material.  The guarantee/instruction sheet is also in the box.  

I have fully  serviced this set.  The nib writes very smoothly, just how you would expect and hope a Parker 51 to write.  It works very well and produces a wet and consistent line that is of a generous broad width. 

A lovely and somewhat unusual "transitional" Parker 51 Aerometric set,  

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