PA2624 Parker Duofold Demi Fountain Pen & Pencil Set, boxed. (Fine)

PA2624 Parker Duofold Demi Fountain Pen & Pencil Set, boxed.  (Fine)
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PA2624 Parker Duofold Demi Fountain Pen & Pencil Set, boxed. (Fine)

Date: c1951

Size: Capped - 5 inches; posted - 5 9/16 inches.

This is a really lovely glossy boxed jet black Parker Duofold Demi fountain pen and pencil set.  The Demi is quite an uncommon member of the Duofold family.  Whilst it is slightly shorter than the Standard Duofold, it is just as rotund, giving it a portly, stout appearance.  Both pen and pencil are in excellent condition - judging by their condition and internal cleanliness I do not think either piece has been used more than once or twice in its entire life.  I can see no damage to either piece, and they look just fantastic.  The caps are surmounted by a black cap jewel with a rolled gold tassie surrounding it and a rolled gold Parker arrow pocket clip.   The single cap bands have the "deco" or chevron engraving common to all the Aerometric Duofolds.

Fountain Pen

The barrel imprint, while it is shallow, is all there and is easy to make out.  It has a good clear date code for 1951.   Opening the barrel up, the aerometric filler has no tarnishing and is still nice and shiny.  The original Pli-glass ink sac looks like it has never seen a fill of ink and retains all of its original transparency.  The Parker Newhaven nib is quite an early one and also suggests an early date for this pen.  It is in a fine point.


The pencil is of the propel-repel type and works flawlessly.  You twist the cap to move the lead in and out.  It is a Duofold pencil and partnered the full range of Duofold pens.  The barrel imprint on the pencil is, if anything, a bit deeper and crisper than on the pen and also includes a date code for 1951.  Adjacent to the barrel imprint is the original clear plastic sales label with "Parker Demi Duofold" written on it.  The cap pulls off revealing a broken off pink eraser.  These early pencils accept the 1.18mm leads, and I have installed a fresh one into the mechanism so it is all ready to go.  


A lovely paperboard Parker box - this is the early type of box that was in use before the polka-dot boxes appeared.  The outside is white with gold edging, and inside the pad is a creamy coloured satin.  Inside the lid is impressed "Parker Demi Duofold" in gold lettering.   There is a little bit of exterior wear, and one of the corners of the lid is split, but it is very clean and tidy inside.  The original instruction sheet is also quite a rare item to find and it too, is in lovely condition.  

I have fully serviced this set.   The pen writes with a very smooth, wet and fine width line.  

A very nice writer with good ink capacity and very unusual to find a complete set in near pristine condition still.

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