PA2626 Parker 51 Ballpoint.

PA2626 Parker 51 Ballpoint.
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PA2626 Parker 51 Ballpoint.

Date: c1950s

Size: Length - 5 1/8 inches.

I see very few Parker 51 ballpoints.  This one in excellent condition - no damage noted to this one at all - even the cap frosting is still in top condition.  It is a fairly early example with the metal cap fitting at the top of the barrel.  These were made in the UK from 1957.  It has the plain lucite barrel in India Black.  Press the cap down to extend and retract the writing point.  This one works perfectly.  As this is a Parker ballpoint, you can get a huge range of different refill types to fit it including gel, rollerball, fine liner, etc.  
I have fully serviced this pen.  It works perfectly.  The refills is probably from the 1990s - it still works perfectly.

Parker 51 ballpoints are very uncommon and are only getting harder and harder to find, but here is one in very nice condition.  

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