PA2643 Parker 61 Custom. (Medium)

PA2643 Parker 61 Custom. (Medium)
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PA2643 Parker 61 Custom. (Medium)

Date: c1970

Size: Capped - 5 5/16 inches; posted - 6 inches.

This is a lovely glossy teal blue Parker 61.  It is the Mark II version with the then unpopular capillary filler being replaced with a cartridge/converter filler.  It is a late model pen with the conical rolled gold "jewels" instead of the earlier grey plastic jewels. This pen is in excellent condition - I can see no damage on it at all, and I would guess that it has hardly been used.  The cap is all gold filled (1/10 12 carat gold fill) with no dings and no plating wear.  It is decorated with repeating groups of vertical incised lines - the "converging lines" pattern.  The rolled gold top jewel is undamaged and so is the rolled gold Parker arrow pocket clip.  The barrel has a matching gold jewel at its end, with a gold filled tassie surrounding it.  The barrel unscrews and you can fit either a standard Parker ink cartridge or use the original Parker ink converter that is already fitted in the pen in order to use bottled ink.  The hood has the inlaid gold arrow just behind the nib, and the nib itself is made from 14 carat gold and is in a medium point.  
I have fully serviced this pen.  The nib is very smooth in use and writes with a lovely wet and medium width consistent line.  I do not see many of these 61s in the teal colour, especially in such nice condition.

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