PA2760 Parker 61 Custom Threesome, boxed. (Medium)

PA2760 Parker 61 Custom Threesome, boxed. (Medium)
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PA2760 Parker 61 Custom Threesome, boxed. (Medium)

Date: c1960s

Size: Capped - 137mm; posted - 156mm.

A gorgeous English grey with rolled gold Custom caps Parker 61 fountain pen, ballpoint pen and pencil set all in their original Parker hardshell case.  Try as I might I can find no plating wear or even any noticeable scratches on any of the pieces. Everything is still bright and shiny.  The caps are decorated with repeating groups of vertical incised lines.  They all have clear grey top jewels and gold-filled Parker arrow pocket clips.

Fountain Pen

There is a clear grey jewel at the end of the barrel to match the one at the top of the cap.  The barrel unscrews to reveal a modern Parker ink converter.  The hood is glossy and also grey and has the inset golden arrow near the point.  The 14 carat hooded nib is in a medium point.  This is the later cartridge/converter fill model - you can use the Parker ink converter that is already in the pen, or you can pull it out and use a standard Parker ink cartridge instead.


This is a cap activated retractable ballpoint.  You press the cap to extend and retract the writing point.  It has what looks like the original Parker T-Ball refill in it but this has dried up over the years.  I will include a modern G2 refill with the pen to get you started.  


The cap pulls off to reveal the original and barely used pink eraser in its little metal eraser holder.  Below this is the spare lead hopper.  There are a couple of spare leads in here and I have fitted a fresh 0.9mm lead into the mechanism.  It is a propel-repel pencil and works by twisting the cap.  It has a gold-filled cone.


A large white polka dot hardshell case with pale pinkish satin lining.  The lid has a couple of marks on it and the lining a small stain or two, but nothing remotely serious.

Each piece is working perfectly.  The pen writes very smoothly with a medium width nice wet line.  

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