PA2793 Parker Victory Mk. IV Fountain Pen and Pencil Set, boxed. (Fine)

PA2793 Parker Victory Mk. IV Fountain Pen and Pencil Set, boxed.  (Fine)
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PA2793 Parker Victory Mk. IV Fountain Pen and Pencil Set, boxed. (Fine)

Date: c1951

Size: Capped - 134mm; posted - 158mm.

A very beautiful glossy deep burgundy Victory set in excellent and hardly used condition.  With a loupe I can see a tiny bit of plating wear to the pencil cap bands, but really, this pen set is in astonishingly good condition.  Both pieces have tapered gold filled pocket clips held on by conical -ended burgundy coloured buttons.  There are two gold-filled bands at the cap lips.  Most unusually, there is a full factory-applied chalk mark to both pen and pencil.  This interestingly gives the nib width on the fountain pen and also the retail prices of both items - 23/11 for the fountain pen and 17/6 for the pencil.  

Fountain Pen

The barrel blind cap unscrews easily and smoothly to reveal the aluminium filling button.  The metal is still bright and unmarked.  The barrel imprint is still excellent - sharp and clear and to the right, includes the date code for 1951.  The nib is still shiny and is a 14 carat gold Parker Newhaven nib in a fine point.


This is a propel-repel pencil that works by twisting the cap.  The cap will pull off revealing an apparently unused pink eraser with several 1.18mm leads beneath.  I have installed a fresh 1.18mm lead into the mechanism and it is all ready to go.  


The original Parker Victory bix is also in great condition with just some minor scuffs to the outside.  The pad is made from white satin.

I have fully serviced this set.  On the pen, the button filler works very nicely.  The nib is very smooth in use and writes with a lovely wet and consistent fine width line.  It also has a little softness and will produce just the tiniest bit of shading as you write.  The pencil works perfectly. 

A very unusual find of a Mk. IV Victory set in almost perfect condition still.  

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