PA2812 Parker Duofold Standard (Soft Fine)

PA2812 Parker Duofold Standard (Soft Fine)
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PA2812 Parker Duofold Standard (Soft Fine)

Date: c1956

Size: Length Capped - 131mm; Length Posted - 148mm.

A very attractive glossy black standard sized Aerometric Duofold with rolled gold trim and a Parker No. 25 nib.   The pen is in excellent condition with no damage at all to report.  Both cap and barrel are nice and glossy with no noticeable scratches or other damage.  All the rolled gold trim is bright and shiny with no wear apparent.  The imprint to the side of the barrel is very clear and crisp and most unusually, it has a date code for 1956.  Normally, these Aerometric pens do not have date codes.  Internally, the filling mechanism is also in excellent condition.  The cap has a black conical end "jewel" and a rolled gold Parker Arrow pocket clip. There is also a wide cap band - also rolled gold - that has the usual "deco" engraving.   The lovely nib is a Parker No. 25 in 14 carat yellow gold and in a fine point. The original Pli-glass sac is still present and shows only mild internal ink staining from normal use.  It retains a good part of its original transparency. 

I have fully serviced this pen.  It fills and writes superbly.  The nib produces a very good wet and consistent fine width line.  It does have a little bit of softness to it as well, and it will manage a tiny bit of line width variation as you write.  

An excellent writer, and in excellent condition.  The standard model Duofold is very hard to find these days.  Second only to the Maxima and Demi.

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