PA2813 Parker Duofold Senior. (Fine)

PA2813 Parker Duofold Senior. (Fine)
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PA2813 Parker Duofold Senior. (Fine)

Date: c1950s

Size: Capped - 143mm; posted - 164mm.

A glossy bottle green Senior Duofold.  This pen is in very good condition.  It does have some minor wear to the plating on the cap band and on the edges and raised parts of the pocket clip.  In addition, there are three fins missing from the underside of the feed.  This is cosmetic only and does not affect the writing performance of the pen in any way.  You will also not even see it when writing or using the pen normally.  In truth, you will probably not even notice either the wear to the plating or the missing fins unless you are specifically looking for it.  The cap has a green conical top "jewel" with a rolled gold Parker arrow pocket clip and a rolled gold "deco" engraved cap band.  The barrel unscrews for access to the Aerometric filler.  This is made from brushed steel and is also in excellent condition still.  The original pli-glass ink sac is still nice and supple and has only minor ink staining, retaining a good part of its original transparency.  The nib is a lovely and large 14 carat gold Parker No. 35 in a fine point.  It is still nice and shiny and undamaged.

I have fully serviced this pen.  Because of the large ink sac, it holds a good amount of ink.  The nib is very smooth with a good amount of iridium on the tip.  It writes with a lovely wet and consistent fine width line.  

A lovely writer and a very good sized large pen.

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