PA2837 Parker Raver Black & Gold. (Soft Fine)

PA2837 Parker Raver Black & Gold. (Soft Fine)
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PA2837 Parker Raver Black & Gold. (Soft Fine)

Date: c1930s

Size: Length Capped - 126mm; Length Posted - 150mm.

A rather unusual Canadian Parker pen from around 1932.  This is one of the so-called Raven pens but is unusual in that it has the wavy hoop decoration to both cap and barrel instead of the usual straight vertical line engraving.  I have done a little research, and there are a few of these Canadian pens know with this particular pattern to the decoration, whilst all the America-made examples have the vertical line decoration.  The Raven pens are the successor to the DQ line, and as far as I can find out, they were made in about 1932.  This is quite a slim pen and of "normal" length.  It is in excellent condition with no damage that I could find save some scratching to the nib at the end of the tines.  The cap has a streamlined profile with a black cap top button holding on the gold filled Parker pocket clip.  The cap has no bands or any other decoration save for the engraved pattern already mentioned.  This is a button filled pen - you unscrew the black barre lend blind cap in order to expose the filling button.  The nib is a very nice little Parker Canada example in 14-carat gold.  It has a fine point.  It appears to be of the correct type for this pen but I think it is probably a replacement nib as it is date-coded fro 1938, which is, I believe after these pens were discontinued.  

I have fully serviced this pen.  It fills and writes very well.  The nib produces a very good wet and consistent fine width line.  The nib also has some nice softness to it and it will give you a tiny bit of line variation as you write.

A lovely condition and really quite unusual Depression-era pen.  I have not seen one quite like it before.

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