PA2856 Parker Vacumatic Major (Soft Medium)

PA2856 Parker Vacumatic Major (Soft Medium)
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PA2856 Parker Vacumatic Major (Soft Medium)

Date: c1952

Size: Length Capped - 134mm; Length Posted - 151mm.

A lovely Canadian emerald green Vac in really lovely condition.  The only criticism I would have of it is that I can see some small patches of internal ink staining to the translucent forward part of the barrel.  That really is it, though.  It is a most beautiful striated green and black colour.  The cap is topped with a black conical "jewel" holding on the gold filled washer-style Parker arrow pocket clip.  This is of the "split arrow" type, and as this pen is a very late model Vacumatic, it does not have the blue diamond.  Near the cap lip is a wide "deco" engraved gold filled cap band.  The barrel blind cap unscrews easily to reveal the clear plastic filling plunger.  The action of the plunger is smooth and springy.  The barrel imprint is crisp and deep throughout its length and is one of the better examples I have had.  It clearly shows the date code for 1952.   At the forward end of the barrel, it is semi-translucent with very good visibility inside the barrel so you can see how much ink you have left.  The whole pen is beautifully glossy and the metal work bright and shiny.  The Parker nib is in 14 carat gold and engraved with the Parker arrow. 

I have fully serviced this pen.  The nib writes with a lovely smooth line, and in a medium width.  It is a fairly soft nib and will give some very attractive if understated line width variation as you write.

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