PA2857 Parker Vacumatic Junior Fountain Pen and Pencil Set. (Medium)

PA2857 Parker Vacumatic Junior Fountain Pen and Pencil Set.  (Medium)
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PA2857 Parker Vacumatic Junior Fountain Pen and Pencil Set. (Medium)

Date: c1946

Size: Length - 129mm capped; 148mm posted.

A very beautiful jet black Parker Vac Junior set.  Both pen and pencil are in very good condition; I can see a few tiny spots of plating wear to the cap bands on both the pen and the pen and the pencil but that is about it!  The fountain pen is date-coded to 1946 (its nit is date-coded to 1947, so it is very likely that it is the original nib for this pen).  The caps have the distinctive "split arrow" gold filled Parker pocket clips which are surmounted by black "jewels".  Around the cap lips are two narrow gold filled bands.  

Fountain Pen

The imprint in the barrel is quite shallow but complete and includes the date code for 1946.  Along with its matching pencil, the pen was manufactured in the U.S.  The blind cap at the end of the barrel unscrews to give access to the black plastic filling plunger.  When you hold the barrel up to the light the transparency through the forward part is excellent with just very minor ambering (you always seem to get this with the celluloid Vacumatic pens - it is just a sign of age).  The lovely 14-carat gold Vacumatic nib appears to be in a medium point.  


Again, a lovely glossy example.  The cap pulls off to reveal an age-hardened pink eraser.  This is a propel-repel pencil that works by twisting the cap.  I have fitted a fresh 0.9mm lead into the mechanism and it is all ready to go.  

I have fully serviced this set. The pen fills effortlessly with a very good ink capacity.  The nib writes very smoothly with a great wet and consistent medium width line.

A lovely example with, unusually, its matching pencil.  

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