PA2920 Parker 75 Lacque Noir Pencil

PA2920 Parker 75 Lacque Noir Pencil
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PA2920 Parker 75 Lacque Noir Pencil

Date: c1985

Size: Length - 133mm.

A very nice Parker 75 pencil in the lovely Lacque Noir finish.  This is a French-made Parker 75 and was manufactured, according to the date code, in 1985.  It is in very good condition - I don't think it has ever been used, but it does have some very minor discolouration to the bottom edge of the cap band which you will only notice with a loupe, but I am very picky about this, so rate the pencil as "very good" instead of "excellent".  All the trim is gold plated.  The cap top tassie has an indented centre, with an inset metal disc, and Parker arrow pocket clip.  Still around the clip shaft is the original sales label which reads "LACQUE" along with the Parker logo on both sides.  The polished cap band is imprinted "PARKER" and "MADE IN FRANCE" and "TE".   This is a continuous feed pencil that works by pressing down on the cap.  The cap unscrews to reveal an apparently unused and still eminently useable pink eraser with several spare 0.5mm leads below.  I have fitted a fresh 0.5mm lead into the mechanism so it is all ready to go.  

I have fully serviced this pencil.  It works perfectly.

A beautiful later model Parker 75 pencil.

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