PA3086 Parker 17 Lady Deluxe. (Semi-Flexible Broad)

PA3086 Parker 17 Lady Deluxe.  (Semi-Flexible Broad)
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PA3086 Parker 17 Lady Deluxe. (Semi-Flexible Broad)

Date: c1960s

Size: Capped - 119mm; posted - 135mm.

This is a lovely and rather unusual glossy blue Parker 17 Lady in the Deluxe configuration with the rolled gold cap.  I have only seen a handful of these in the 20 or so years I have been restoring and selling vintage pens.  It is in excellent condition and I would think it cannot have seen much use.  The cap is rolled gold with the vertical incised line decoration with a lovely rolled gold Parker arrow pocket clip, and a rolled gold top button.  This is probably a fairly late pen as there is no barrel imprint.  The barrel unscrews to reveal the Aerometric filler.  This is almost as new with no damage noted and still has its original pliglass ink sac which, although it exhibits a minor colour caste still has most of its original transparency.   The hooded nib is in 14 carat gold and in a broad point.

I have fully serviced this pen.  The nib is very smooth and lays down an excellent wet, broad width line.  For a hooded nib, it is surprisingly soft - I would say it is just about a semi-flex nib and will easily manage some very attractive line width variation from a fine to a good solid broad.

A rather unusual and pretty little pen.

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