PA3120 Parker 50 Golden Falcon, boxed (Extra Fine)

PA3120 Parker 50 Golden Falcon, boxed (Extra Fine)
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PA3120 Parker 50 Golden Falcon, boxed (Extra Fine)

Date: c1980

Size: Capped - 132mm; posted - 145mm.

This is as rather rare all rolled gold Falcon with the straight line decoration to both cap and barrel.  It is in excellent condition - I can't even see the usual wispy surface scratches that you nearly always get with these, and the only damage on it is a little bit of plating wear to the nib tines - you can see this clearly in the photos below.  This is very common with these pens if they have had any use at all as the nib plating was very thinly applied.   The cap has a flat metal disc inset at the top , with a gold plated Parker arrow pocket clip.  The Falcon clips are unusual in that there is no detail in the "feathers".  That area is just left plain.   Around the cap lip is the clear imprint that shows this particular pen was made in England, and there's no date code so it was probably made late 1970s.  The barrel unscrews to allow the fitting of a standard Parker ink cartridge.  If you prefer you can also use the original ink converter that is already fitted to the pen. The section is frosted rather than brushed and has a satiny finish.  The nib is an extension of the section.  It is gold coloured and is in an extra fine point.  The original brown plastic box has a few scratches, but is otherwise undamaged. 

I have fully serviced this pen.  It pen writes with a very smooth, wet and extra-fine width line. 

A rare pen in the Insignia style.

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