PA3145 Parker 75 Cisele Sterling Silver (Fine)

PA3145 Parker 75 Cisele Sterling Silver (Fine)
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PA3145 Parker 75 Cisele Sterling Silver (Fine)

Date: c1970

Size: Capped - 129mm; posted - 141mm.

A beautiful and sought-after Parker 75 in the most desirable finish for these pens, the sterling silver cap and barrel with the "cisele" squares decoration.  This is an American Parker 75, probably from 1970 or 1971, with the flat barrel and cap tassied, and white metal graduated nib collar.  It is fitted with a 14 carat solid gold nib in a fine point.  All the trim is gold filled, and as far as I can see, completely undamaged.  The barrel and cap have no dings, and no noticeable scratches or marks either.  I really can't find any damage on this pen at all.  Starting with the cap, the gold filled tassie has a flat end, which would make this a reasonably early example.  The polished cap band is imprinted "PARKER" and "STERLING SILVER" and "MADE IN USA".  The barrel has the same flat gold filled tassied.  The section is in black plastic with a circular cross-section and a very ergonomic indented ribbed grip.  The nib is 14 carat yellow gold and in a fine point.  The forward end of the section has a white metal band with the early gradation markings and as with most Parker 75s the nib and feed will twist around so that you can angle it at the correct angle for you.  This pen is a cartridge/converter filler, accepting standard Parker cartridges, or you can use the original and highly unusual Parker ink converter that is already fitted to the pen.

I have fully serviced this pen.  It writes with a very smooth, fine width wet line.  

A quintessential early Parker, and a very sought-after model, being the perennially popular sterling silver Cisele finish.

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