PA3146 Parker 50 Golden Falcon Fountain Pen and Ballpoint Set, boxed. (Medium)

PA3146 Parker 50 Golden Falcon Fountain Pen and Ballpoint Set, boxed. (Medium)
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PA3146 Parker 50 Golden Falcon Fountain Pen and Ballpoint Set, boxed. (Medium)

Date: c1982

Size: Capped - 132mm; posted - 145mm.

A boxed gold plated Falcon set.  This Parker 75 relation was made for only a couple of years and so is really quite hard to find today.  This set is in very good condition, the only damage being some rubbing to the fountain pen's gripping section in an annular shape caused by the cap clutch rubbing when the cap is fitted and removed.  This is an almost universal feature of these pens if they have been used for any amount in the past.  though with the usual surface wear that you will find with these pens.  Both pieces have a lovely bright and shiny appearance with only the lightest of micro-scratches when viewed through a lens.  Externally, all the pieces look very much like the Standard Parker 75.  Caps and barrels are gold plated and decorated with incised vertical lines.  The caps have inset gold plated discs surrounded by a black plastic collar. The pocket clips, also gold plated, are of the Parker arrow type but the "flights" on the Parker 50s are plain with no detailing.  The date codes on these pens are 1981 for the fountain pen and 1982 for the ballpoint pen - they were both made in England. 

Fountain Pen

The barrel unscrews to reveal a piston style Parker ink converter.  The pen can also be used with standard Parker ink cartridges.  The nib is what really sets these pens apart, being an extension of the section instead of a separate piece as with most pens.  The nib is gold plated and in excellent undamaged condition with a huge blob of iridium at the tip.


A retractable ballpoint pen that is activated by pressing down on the cap.  This will "click" the writing point in and out.  The cap unscrews to allow the replacing of the refill.,  It is currently fitted with a black Parker refill that is working perfectly. 


The original black plastic Parker box has a grey flocked pad.  The warranty sheet is fitted into the inside of the lid.

I have fully serviced this set.  The nib on the fountain pen is very smooth and writes with a very nice wet and consistent medium width line.  The ballpoint works very well.

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