PA3245 Parker 51 Aerometric Whitefriars Glass Desk Set (Medium)

PA3245 Parker 51 Aerometric Whitefriars Glass Desk Set (Medium)
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PA3245 Parker 51 Aerometric Whitefriars Glass Desk Set (Medium)

Date: c1960s

Size: Pen length 6 1/2 inches.

A lustrous India black English Parker 51 desk pen and Parker trumpet with its original and beautiful Twilight coloured (blue-black) Whitefriars glass ashtray/paperweight.  The barrel has a gold plated conical ended taper with a standard Parker 51 clutch ring. Both barrel and hood are completely undamaged with no splits, cracks or chips and no noticeable surface scratches either.  The undamaged 14 carat gold hooded nib is in a medium point.  Unscrew the barrel to expose the aerometric filler.  This is brushed stainless steel, and is still in excellent condition.  The original pli-glass ink sac has some internal ink staining as they nearly all do, but is still in perfectly serviceable condition, and likely will still be in another 50 years time.  The black trumpet has a rolled gold magnetic ball.  There is some lifting of the plating on this piece of the set, and this is the only damage I can see on the whole set.  The beautiful blue/black Whitefriars glass paperweight base has a lovely bubble grid decoration.  Mounted in the centre is a metal boss that the trumpet ball sits in - there is some plating wear to thismetal boss, which is the only damage on the whoie item.  The magnet inside holds it steady at any angle.  Although this is an ashtray ornament, most non-smokers would use this to hold paperclips or small desktop items, or just as a paperweight as it is a very substantial item.  

I have fully serviced this pen.  It writes superbly with the very smooth, wet and medium width line that you would expect of a Parker 51. 

A very beautiful desk set.  I very rarely find these Whitefriars sets and this one is still in excellent condition and looks just superb. 

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