PA3249 Parker 51 Special Edition, boxed. (Fine)

PA3249 Parker 51 Special Edition, boxed. (Fine)
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PA3249 Parker 51 Special Edition, boxed. (Fine)

Date: c2002

Size: Length - 139mm capped, 150mm posted.

This is a new old-stock Vista blue Parker 51 Special Edition fountain pen with the sterling silver "Empire State" cap.  It was made in 2002 as an homage to what many people rate as the best pen ever made.  As far as I can see it has never been filled with ink, and it has absolutely no damage.  It comes complete with its fabulous presentation case, polishing cloth, instruction booklet, and outer packaging.  This is a faithful reproduction of a 1940s Parker 51.  The cap has a translucent grey jewel that anchors the gold plated "Blue Diamond" pocket clip.  The body of the Sterling Silver cap has been decorated in the most desirable of vintage patterns - this is the so-called "Empire State" cap.  The barrel and hood is in the fabulous turquoise Vista Blue.  This is a cartridge / converter filler - you unscrew the barrel to reveal the original and unused Parker piston ink converter.  There is also the original pack of Parker cartridges at the bottom of the black outer box beneath the booklet.  The nib is made from 18 carat solid gold and is in a fine point.  The presentation case is a real beauty - in Imitation lizard skin outside, with brass lined lid and base and opening up to a lovely ivory coloured satin interior.  The black outer box contains a still-sealed polishing cloth, an instruction booklet, and Parker ink cartridges.

No longer available new, these pens are also getting very scarce in this unused condition.

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