PA3255 Parker 51 Aerometric "Fantasy". (Broad Oblique)

PA3255 Parker 51 Aerometric "Fantasy". (Broad Oblique)
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PA3255 Parker 51 Aerometric "Fantasy". (Broad Oblique)

Date: c1960s

Size: Capped - 140mm; posted - 156mm.

A very unusual "fantasy" Parker 51 made in the old Parker factory in Argentina.  It is very difficult to date these pens but I believe the constituent parts were probably made some time in the 1960s.  This pen has a standard Parker 51 filler, collector, nib and feed, and a standard Lustraloy cap.  The hood and barrel, are custom parts but made with the original Parker tooling.  This one is made from a white lucite, which is slightly translucent - you can see through the hood for instance enough to make out the outline of the collector quite clearly.  The pen is in very good condition - the only damage I can see on it is some plating wear to the raised parts of the pocket clip.  The barrel unscrews to allow the pen to be filled.  The sac guard is still unblemished.  The nib is in a rather unusual broad oblique point.

I have fully serviced this pen. Like most '51s the nib is a delight, being very smooth.  It writes with a consistent and wet line.  This nib is cut as an "old fashioned" oblique, which means that it will give more line width variation than a modern "cursive" oblique, but that also means that it will be a bit more finicky than a modern nib and may feel a bit scratchy with its sharp corners until you have mastered it.  

A very unusual "fantasy" Parker 51 with a very unusual Parker factory oblique nib

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