PA3257 Parker 51 Vacumatic, Double Jewel, First Year. (Fine)

PA3257 Parker 51 Vacumatic, Double Jewel, First Year. (Fine)
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PA3257 Parker 51 Vacumatic, Double Jewel, First Year. (Fine)

Date: 1941

Size: Capped - 141mm; posted - 155mm.

I have been collecting and selling vintage pens for nearly 30 years now, and until this pen came along, I have never even seen a "proper" first year Parker 51, let alone owned one!  This lovely example has all the features you could hope for on a first year Parker 51.  It has the twin aluminium "jewels", the sterling silver cap with chevron banding, the large blue diamond on the pocket clip, the Speedline filler and the imprint at the end of the blind cap complete with a 1941 date code.  To top all that it is in lovely condition with just a little surface wear on the blind cap, no doubt caused by posting the cap.   Both aluminium jewels are in nice condition with none of the usual pitting.  The gold filled pocket clip and blind cap tassie have all the paying in tact and a good shiny appearance.  The Blue Diamond has all of its enamel still.  There are no dings in the sterling silver cap, and no scratches to it, or to the barrel or hood of the pen, which are in the very attractive Cordovan Brown colour.  The blind cap unscrews to reveal the Speedline filler complete with the diamond imprinted on the end of the shaft.  

I have fully serviced this pen. It has been fitted with a new diaphragm and it works perfectly again.  The nib writes as you would expect a Parker 51 nib to write, with a lovely smooth and consistent line.  

An exceptional pen - no Parker 51 collection is complete without a First Year example, and this is just lovely.  If I were still actively collecting pens, you would have to prise this out of my cold dead hands!

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