PE051 Pelikan Graphos Calligraphy Set, boxed.

PE051 Pelikan Graphos Calligraphy Set, boxed.
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PE051 Pelikan Graphos Calligraphy Set, boxed.

Date: c1930s

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The Pelikan Graphos lettering pen and nibs were first made in the 1930s.   I think that this set is probably quite an early one as the pen is made from black hard rubber.  The later ones were plastic.  The set is presented in a black leathercloth covered wooden box lined with a deep blue velvet lining.  The outside of the box is in remarkably good condition still, and the lining is very clean and tidy..  The lid is secured by a metal rod that slides out of the lower right-hand corner of the box.  The small cap has a steel sprung pocket clip and there is a thread at the barrel end that is used to secure the cap posted when the pen is in use.  The pen is in very nice condition with no spits, cracks or chips and not even any noticeable surface scratches, and it is nice and glossy.  The barrel imprint is good and still clear.  The twelve steel nibs consist of: 1; 1.6; 2.5; 3.2; 5; Z 2; Z 3.2; N 1.25; N 2; N 3.2; N 4;  O 0.5 nibs.  I do not have the first idea of what most of them are for, but they are all undamaged, though some have ink stains on.
An unusual set from a high quality manufacturer.



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