PM056 Papermate Deskmate Ashtray/Pen Rest

PM056 Papermate Deskmate Ashtray/Pen Rest
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PM056 Papermate Deskmate Ashtray/Pen Rest

Date: c1975

Size: Length - 118mm; Width 103mm; Height 35mm.

This Papermate Deskmate is in the form of an ashtray with a brown plastic outer and a brown glass liner.  It is in very good condition - I can see a few minor surface scratches to the plastic sides, but the glass liner is perfect.  The Deskmate series of desk accessories came in several different types from pen holders to notepads to desk calendars.  This one is the ashtray, which can also be used as a pen rest or paper clip holder, etc.  It has a very 1970s look to it from its brown colour to its angular style.  On the underside is a very complete imprint which gives the sate that these items were first made.  

A rather unusual desk accessory.  

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