SH1591 Sheaffer Saratoga Snorkel. (Medium)

SH1591 Sheaffer Saratoga Snorkel. (Medium)
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SH1591 Sheaffer Saratoga Snorkel. (Medium)

Date: c1950s

Size: Capped - 5 7/16 inches; posted - 6 7/16 inches.

A burgundy Saratoga in excellent condition.  There are no splits, cracks or chips or even any noticeable scratching and both cap and barrel have a lovely original gloss.  The gold filled trim is completely undamaged and free of brassing, and the peach of a nib looks like it is new.  The Sheaffer's inscribed pocket clip is nice and tight and the cap lip band nice and shiny.  The barrel imprint is unusually good - they are usually very weak on the snorkels.  The filling mechanism extends smoothly with a twist of the blind cap.  Everything inside is in almost as-new condition, and I have changed the ink sac and all the rubber gaskets as I always do.  The finger grip is ribbed to afford a good positive hold.  The lovely large open two-tone 14 carat gold nib is in a medium point and a complete delight.

I have fully serviced this pen.  The Snorkel filling mechanism is in excellent undamaged condition.  It generates good compression and fills nicely.  The Snorkel tube winds in and out very easily and smoothly.  The nib writes with a medium line and very smoothly.  It produces a good consistent and wet line.

I don't think this pen has hardly been used.

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