SH1616 Sheaffer Imperial II Touchdown. (Fine)

SH1616 Sheaffer Imperial II Touchdown.  (Fine)
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SH1616 Sheaffer Imperial II Touchdown. (Fine)

Date: c1960s

Size: Length Capped - 5 1.4 inches; Length Posted - 5 13/16 inches.

A beautiful glossy jet black Imperial II with the short conical Triumph nib and chrome plated trim.  This pen is in excellent condition with no damage at all that I can see.  The cap has no dings and the lovely delicate frosting is still all intact. The cap has a typical squared off spring-loaded Imperial pocket clip with the Sheaffer's white dot at the top.  The barrel and section also have no noticeable scratches and look nice and glossy.  This is the Touchdown fill version.  You unscrew the barrel end blind cap and then pull back to withdraw the filling plunger, which is still shiny with no corrosion or other damage.  The Sheaffer's triumph style conical nib is made from palladium silver, although it is not hallmarked as none of these were, and it is still in excellent condition.  

I have fully serviced this pen.  The nib writes very smoothly.  It lays down a good wet and consistent fine width line.  The filler generates good compression and the pen fills and writes very well indeed.  



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