SH1621 Sheaffer Imperial No. 440. (Medium)

SH1621 Sheaffer Imperial No. 440.  (Medium)
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SH1621 Sheaffer Imperial No. 440. (Medium)

Date: c1980

Size: Capped - 5 1/8 inches; posted - 5 3/4 inches.

A lovely burgundy Sheaffer Imperial with a brushed steel cap.  This pen is in excellent condition with no damage on it at all that I was able to spot.  The cap has a chrome plated spring-loaded pocket clip with the Sheaffer's white dot at the top.  It has a shallow but complete imprint around the forward end of the barrel that reads "SHEAFFER - MADE IN USA".  The barrel unscrews to allow the fitting of a standard Sheaffer ink cartridge (one of these is supplied with the pen), or a standard Sheaffer ink converter (not included but can be supplied separately, please let me know if you need one).  The nib is one of Sheaffer's excellent inlaid models in steel and is in a medium point. 

I have fully serviced this pen.  The nib is very smooth and writes with a lovely wet and very medium width consistent line.

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