SH1662 Sheaffer Balanced Valiant (Military Clip), (Medium)

SH1662 Sheaffer Balanced Valiant (Military Clip),  (Medium)
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SH1662 Sheaffer Balanced Valiant (Military Clip), (Medium)

Date: 1941

Size: Capped - 135mm; posted - 155mm.

A beautiful and quite scarce example of the Valiant military clip fountain pen, probably produced in the early 1940s and aimed at military personnel.  It has a very distinctive "over-the-top" military-style clip that allowed the pen to be worn in the breast pocket of a soldier's uniform without showing when the pocket flap is fastened.  Apparently, this was a military regulation, and most top pen companies brought out pens designed to comply with this rule.  It has the distinctive "balance" cigar shape - although I have never seen it referred to in Sheaffer advertisements as a Balance pen, most people lump these pens with the Balance range as the shape is so similar.  This pen is in excellent condition.  There is a tiny bit of brassing to the very edge of the pocket clip terminal, and there is a small ding to the centre of the filling lever.  This is the only damage I can find.  The cap band is gold filled, as is the pocket clip and filling lever.  The barrel imprint is complete, sharp, and crisp and easily readable.  Unscrewing the cap, you can see that the gripping section has a translucent part so that you can see if you are running out of ink or not.  There is a little internal ink staining on this pen so visibility is not quite perfect.  The nib is a lovely two-tone Sheaffer Lifetime with the slightly turned-up end. 

I have fully serviced this pen.  The nib is lovely and smooth and writes with a consistent and wet medium width line.

A very classy and unusual pen and an excellent writer.

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