SH1757 Sheaffer Balanced Pencil.

SH1757 Sheaffer Balanced Pencil.
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SH1757 Sheaffer Balanced Pencil.

Date: c1930s

Size: Length - 102mm

A beautiful pocket sized green and black marbled Sheaffer Balance pencil.  The item is in very good condition with just the usual "drawer wear", and a tiny bit of plating wear to the pocket clip ball being the only damage on it.  It is a lovely small pencil, probably made in the late 1920s, judging by the style of the pocket clip, which is of the "humped" type. The cap comes to quite a sharp point giving the pencil that unmistakable "balanced" profile.  The cap bears a shallow imprint to the rear just above the cap lip.  The cap pulls off to reveal broken off eraser sitting in its original metal cup.  This pulls out to reveal the spare lead hopper.  There are a couple of 1.18mm leads here and I have fitted a fresh 1.18mm lead into the mechanism so it is all ready to go.

I have fully serviced this pencil.  It is a propel-repel pencil that works by twisting the cap.  It is in perfect working condition.

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