SW676 Swan Safety Screw Cap Eyedropper. (Soft Medium Stub)

SW676 Swan Safety Screw Cap Eyedropper.  (Soft Medium Stub)
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SW676 Swan Safety Screw Cap Eyedropper. (Soft Medium Stub)

Date: c1910s

Size: Capped - 5 5/16 inches; posted - 6 3/4 inches.

This excellent glossy Swan pen is made from black chased hard rubber with a lovely soft stubby nib.  The chasing consists of wavy hatched hoops and is still crisp with no noticeable wear for fading.  The hard rubber of cap and barrel still has a very good colour with only very minimal fading mainly to the cap, that you would not normally notice.  Other than that there really is no damage at all to this pen.  The cap and barrel have no cracks, splits or chips and no noticeable scratches either.  The caps on these pens have an inner cap that fits tight to the section when the cap is screwed down to prevent leaks.  The imprint is still good and strong with no real wear.  On the cap is a period accommodation clip imprinted "CLIPPER" / "M. T. & Co." / "MADE IN ENGLAND".   The nib is a very nice Swan No.1 in bright and shiny 14 carat yellow gold.  The nibs on these early Swan pens were either narrow shouldered, long tined, and flexible, or wide-shouldered, short tined, and either soft-to medium, or stubs, or oblique nibs.  This one is of the stubby variety.

I have fully serviced this pen.  The nib writes very smoothly and is a good soft nib.  It will give you some effortless line width variation from a fine to a generous medium width.  

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