UN016 The Unique Pen. (Semi-Flexible Broad Stub)

UN016 The Unique Pen. (Semi-Flexible Broad Stub)
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UN016 The Unique Pen. (Semi-Flexible Broad Stub)

Date: c1940s

Size: Capped -  5 inches; posted - 6 1/4 inches.

An unusual English pen from the late 1940s or early 1950s.  It is a medium sized pen and sits very comfortably in the hand.  It is made from very glossy jet black celluloid.  As is often the case with these pens, the thin gold wash that the trim was treated to has worn off.  The cap has a flat-ended black top button which holds the washer-style pocket clip.  This has a very sinuous shape with a wide shoulder and narrow waist leading to a diamond-shaped terminal.  The cap has a single narrow band near the lip.  The barrel imprint is crisp and clear and still quite deep.   The brass filling lever opposite retains a small amount of its original gold plating.  The nib is a very nice Unique branded 14 carat gold nib in a rather unusual broad stub point and in excellent cosmetic condition.

I have fully serviced this pen.  The nib writes very smoothly and produces a very broad, wet line.  with the stubby tip, coupled with the nib's softness (I would rate this as semi-flexible), you will get some very good effortless line width variation from a fine on the horizontals to a double- or even triple-broad line on the verticals.  

I don't often come across these pens, and this is as good an example as you are likely to find with a really sweet and very expressive and juicy nib.

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