VI031 Visconti Medici Oversized, boxed. (Soft Medium)

VI031 Visconti Medici Oversized, boxed.  (Soft Medium)
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VI031 Visconti Medici Oversized, boxed. (Soft Medium)

Date: c2010s

Size: Length - 5 7/8 inches capped; 7 3/8 inches posted.

A very beautiful Visconti pen, the Medici with the palladium trim has now been discontinued and this is the last such pen from my stock.  It has never been used, but does have a slight fault in that the cap and barrel facets do not quite line up perfectly when the cap is on the pen - I have tried photographing this, but it is only a very slight offset so is not that clear in the pictured.  The pen is fitted with its original palladium Dreamtouch nib in a medium point.  I have just tested this to make sure it writes well, and I am pleased to say that it does.  This is a large pen made from beautiful brown marbled celluloid with palladium plated cap top button, pocket clip, barrel girdle, and barrel end band.  Both cap and barrel are faceted.  The cap top "jewel" is removable and you can swap in any of the Visconti made alternatives to the default Visconti logo.  The pen fills by piston - you unscrew the barrel end blind cap and withdraw the plunger in order to do this.  It fills as you press the plunger back home.  The pocket clip is spring-loaded and in a crescent shape with "VISCONTI" in relief to either side.  The original box is also included.

The Dreamtouch nib is a soft nib and will give you a tiny bit of understated line width variation as you write.  

A superb oversized Visconti pen.  These are no longer in production, so if you are after one, this is your chance to pick up an excellent old-stock pen at less than trade price. 


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