WA666 Waterman Ideal Pencil

WA666 Waterman Ideal Pencil
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WA666 Waterman Ideal Pencil

Date: c1930s

Size: Length - 128mm.

A beautiful full-sized Waterman pencil made from a gorgeous green and bronze marbled celluloid.   The pencil is in excellent condition; it has no cracks, splits or chips and no noticeable plating wear to any of the trim.  The cap and barrel still have a lovely vibrant green colour and a good original gloss. There is a gold filled pocket clip with two rivets holding it on to the cap at the top and a ball at the bottom.  There is also a gold filled band encircling the middle of the barrel.  The top 30mm of the pencil unscrews to allow storage of spare leads inside the cap and there are several spare 1.18mm leads still in there.  The original and mostly used pink eraser in its little brass holder plugs the storage area and prevents the spare leads from spilling out. I have installed a fresh lead into the mechanism and it is all ready to go.   The imprint around the back of the cap is still crisp and deep.  This is a propel-repel pencil and the lead is extended by twisting the pointy end of the barrel.

I have fully serviced this pencil and it works with a nice smooth action.

A beautiful pencil with a really great coloured celluloid.

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