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WA557 Waterman Rollerball, boxed
Date: c1970s Size: Capped - 5 inches; Posted - 5 7/8 inches. This is a late 1970s/early 1..
Ex Tax: £18.00
WA620 Waterman Gentleman Ballpoint
Date: c 1990s Size: Length- 5 7/16 inches. A beautiful deep green lacquered Waterman Gentleman..
Ex Tax: £90.00
WA622 Waterman Le Man 200 Pencil
Date: c 1990s Size: Length- 5 7/16 inches. This is a beautiful oversized black lacquered and t..
Ex Tax: £120.00
WA623 Waterman Le Man 200, boxed.  (Medium)
Date: c 1990s Size: Length - 5 1/2 inches capped; 6 5/8 inches posted. This is a beautiful ove..
Ex Tax: £275.00
WA627 Waterman's No 515.  (Soft Extra Fine)
Date: c 1940s Size: Capped - 5 3/16 inches; posted - 6 3/8 inches. A lovely larger model 515 W..
Ex Tax: £70.00
WA631 Waterman's W-Series Pencil, boxed.
Date: c1940s Size: Length - 126mm. A glossy and very attractive grey and black striated W..
Ex Tax: £30.00
WA632 Waterman's Pencil.
Date: c1930s Size: Length - 112mm. A glossy and very pretty little black celluloid pencil..
Ex Tax: £35.00
WA645 Waterman Carene Ballpoint, boxed.
Date: c 2000s Size: Length - 140mm. A beautiful rhodium plated Carene ballpoint.  Th..
Ex Tax: £45.00
WA662 Waterman L-2 Fountain Pen and Pencil Set, boxed.  (Soft Fine).
Date: c 1960s Size: Capped - 135mm; posted - 147mm. The L-2 is a small to mid-sized pen that w..
Ex Tax: £65.00