WE483 Eversharp Skyline Pencil.

WE483 Eversharp Skyline Pencil.
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WE483 Eversharp Skyline Pencil.

Date: c1940s

Size: Length - 137mm.

A very beautiful and full-sized Skyline pencil in the grey and black striated, or "Modern Stripe" finish.  It is in very good condition with a glossy barrel devoid of any noticeable surface scratches.  All the trim is gold filled and in generally very nice condition with the only wear being apparent on the point.  The top of the barrel has a button which is pressed down to advance the 0.9mm lead.  The button also pulls out and has a blue eraser on the end that has not hardened as much as they usually do.  There are a couple of spare leads below.  The pocket clip has the double tick quality mark at the top and "EVERSHARP" imprinted down the shaft.  It is mounted on the barrel in a similar way to the Skyline fountain pen clips to give a good springy grip.  Unusually, this pencil accepts 0.9mm leads instead of the usual 1.18mm, and the point is imprinted "Thin Lead" to remind the owner that it takes the 0.9mm leads. This is a clutch pencil - you press down on the top button to open the clutch and allow the lead to advance.  I have fitted a fresh 0.9mm lead into the mechanism so it is all ready to go.  

I have fully serviced this pencil.    It is working perfectly.

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