WE484 Eversharp Symphony Pencil.

WE484 Eversharp Symphony Pencil.
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WE484 Eversharp Symphony Pencil.

Date: c1950s

Size: Length - 135mm

A nice and glossy full-sized Eversharp Symphony pencil.  This pencil was made circa 1952 to 1953 - it is a very nice example of the later style Symphony pencil with the rotary propel-repel mechanism.  It is in excellent condition, and in fact, is undamaged as far as I can tell.  The cap has a gold plated and very robust-looking pocket clip, with EVERSHARP imprinted down the stem.  At the cap lip is a wide gold plated band.  The cap pulls off to reveal an apparently unused, but age-fossilized pink eraser with several spare 1.18mm leads below.  The point is also gold plated.

I have fully serviced this pencil.    It is working perfectly.  You twist the gold plated point to extend and retract the lead.

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