WE519 Eversharp Gold Filled Pencil.

WE519 Eversharp Gold Filled Pencil.
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WE519 Eversharp Gold Filled Pencil.

Date: c1920s

Size: Length - 134mm

A very pretty gold filled pencil that is in excellent, almost pristine, condition.  It has a bright and shiny appearance with no damage in it at all that I can see.  This is a full-length pencil.  It has very crisp machine chasing in the rather unusual and very beautiful ripple pattern.  The top knob is twisted to extend the lead - it is a propel-only pencil.  It can also be unscrewed for access to the spare lead hopper.  There is a clear imprint at the top of the barrel, identifying the pencil as being manufactured in the U. S.  The pocket clip is also gold filled and ends in a spade-shaped terminal.  Just to show the quality of these items, you can see that the inner workings of the pencil are also gold filled and machine engraved to match the barrel, even though you will only ever see it when refilling with leads.  

I have fully serviced this pencil.  It is a propel-only pencil and I have fitted a fresh 1.18mm lead into the mechanism.  It works perfectly.

would make an ideal every-day user pencil, and is even good enough for pride of place in your display.

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