WY069 Wyvern No. 50 (Soft Generous Medium)

WY069 Wyvern No. 50 (Soft Generous Medium)
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WY069 Wyvern No. 50 (Soft Generous Medium)

Date: c1940s

Size: Length - 5 7/16 inches capped; 6 7/16 inches posted.

A very pretty glossy very dark blue Wyvern.  This pen is in excellent condition.  There is no damage on it at all that I can see.  The pen is fairly slim but quite long; it has a "streamlined" cap with a large black top button and a plain gold filled pocket clip with a ball at the bottom.  There are no cap rings, or any other extraneous ornamentation, giving this pen very clean lines.  The barrel has a complete imprint that, along with many other Wyvern pens that I have seen, is shallower in the centre that it is on the edges.  It has a long gold filled filling lever opposite.  The nib is a small Wyvern in 14 carat gold and in a medium point.

I have fully serviced this pen.  The nib is smooth to write with and it produces a nice wet and consistent generous medium width line.  The nib does have its share of softness and it will give some very attractive if understated line width variation as you write.

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