WY077 Wyvern Perfect Pen No. 81 (soft Medium)

WY077 Wyvern Perfect Pen No. 81 (soft Medium)
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WY077 Wyvern Perfect Pen No. 81 (soft Medium)

Date: c1940s

Size: Length - 132mm capped; 156mm posted.

A very pretty silver, grey and black marbled celluloid Wyvern from I would think the late 1940s.  The plating on this pen is in rather mixed condition.  Whilst the gold plating on the pocket clip looks like it is almost completely worn off, the cap bands and filling lever look to be almost perfect still.  However, the pen still shows very well despite this.  Apart from the plating wear, this pen is in very good condition with no other damage noted.  The cap has a black "jewel" at the top, and the pocket clip has an integral tassie.  It is a classic style Wyvern clip with a pinched waist and triangle decoration at the shoulder.  There are two narrow bands near the cap lip.   The barrel has a good crisp imprint that is nice and deep and easy to read.  The filling lever is in the shape of a stylised arrow.  The lovely large Wyvern nib is made from 14 carat gold and is in a medium point.

I have fully serviced this pen.  If fills easily and writes very smoothly with a good consistent ink flow.  The nib actually has a little softness and will produce a tiny bit of line width variation with no more than normal writing pressure.

An uncommon English pen.

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