JH333 Jinhao No. X450. (Medium)

JH333 Jinhao No. X450.  (Medium)
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JH333 Jinhao No. X450. (Medium)

Date: c1990s

Size: Length - 5 9/16 inches capped; 6 7/16 inches posted.

A lovely chunky oversized Chinese fountain pen.  This pen is new-old-stock, and has never been used.  Both barrel and cap are made from a lacquer overlay onto probably a brass base with gold plated fittings.  The pen is not as heavy as it looks, but nevertheless has a good substantial feel to it, and has a very good writing balance.  The barrel and cap on this one have a glossy jet black lacquer covering on the cap and barrel, and the whole pen design, actually, is heavily influenced by pens from the 1930s "streamline" movement.  The cap has a large domed top button, and a very well designed gold plated pocket clip.  The cap band is also wide and is imprinted with "Jinhao" to the front and the model number "X450" to the rear.  Near the end of the barrel is a gold plated band.  The steel nib is partly gold plated and is also imprinted "Jinhao".  This is a cartridge/converter pen.  You unscrew the barrel to fit either a standard international size cartridge or you can use the original standard ink converter that is already fitted.   
The large nib on this pen is very smooth and writes with a good wet and consistent medium width line. 

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