CS745 Conway Stewart No. 18 Pencil.

CS745 Conway Stewart No. 18 Pencil.
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CS745 Conway Stewart No. 18 Pencil.

Date: c1950s

Size: 5 3/16 inches.

A very nice and rather unusual burgundy lined Conway 18 pencil.  The burgundy hatched or lined pattern is a very sought-after colourway, and it looks just great on this pencil.  It is in very good condition with the only damage that I can find being some loss of paint to the aluminium cap top button. Even the gold plated trim looks to me to be complete and unworn  The factory imprint on the side of the cap is still crisp and deep and very easy to read.  The cap has a black aluminium "jewel" which holds on the gold plated pocket clip.  This has the "CS" cipher at the shoulder inside a diamond shaped cartouche, and the terminal is also shaped like a diamond.  At the cap lip is a narrow gold plated band, which sits adjacent to another band at the end of the barrel.  The point is also gold plated.  The cap pulls off for access to the spare lead storage area.  This would originally have nad an eraser there too, but it has long gone.  The pencil has a propel-repel mechanism that works by twisting the cap.  Everything is smooth and the lead winds in and out perfectly.  I have fitted a fresh 1.18mm lead into the pencil so it is all ready to go.  

A very sought-after colour, and really quite rare.  

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