MS566 The Universal Lever Fountain pen and Pencil Set, boxed. (Medium)

MS566 The Universal Lever Fountain pen and Pencil Set, boxed.  (Medium)
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MS566 The Universal Lever Fountain pen and Pencil Set, boxed. (Medium)

Date: c1920s

Size: Length - 5 1/4 inches capped - 6 13/16 inches posted.

A very good example of a pen and pencil set from the budget end of the scale made in the late 1920s I would think.  One sees very few of these such sets as they have not seemed to have fared as well as the more well-known brands of pen.  This one is still in excellent cosmetic condition - there is just the usual plating wear that you would nearly always find on these pens as the platng tended to be very thin at the outset. 

Fountain Pen

This pen has a flat knurled top button to the cap which holds on the washer-style gold plated pocket clip.  This has a ball-shaped terminal.  The cap is unadorned by and other trim.  Both barrel and cap have an excellent deep and rich black colour with no fading and the bands of stippled hoop chasing are uniformly crisp with no apparent wear.  The filling lever is long and narrow with a "lollipop" end tab.  It has a sunburst motif imprinted onto the tab.   The small 14 carat gold nib is marked "WARRANTED" and "14ct" and is in a medium point.  It has a little bit of waviness to the sides of the nib but this does not seem to have affected its writing performance in any way. 


The flared crown can be unscrewed to reveal a spare lead storage area.  This is a propel-repel pencil that works by twisting the point.  The mechanism on this appears to be a bit sticky - it will propel easily enough but needs to be coaxed a bit to be able to repel.  I would think this should improve somewhat with a bit of use.  


The box has not fared quite as well as the pen and pencil have.  All the corners pretty much are split and it has been repaired with the use of a piece of sticky plaster.  It has held together otherwise and has done a good job of protecting the contents. 

I have fully serviced this set.  The pen's nib feels very smooth when writing and lays down a very nice wet and medium width line.  

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