MS615 Skribent Super 5 Fountain Pen and Pencil Set, boxed. (Soft Medium-Fine)

MS615 Skribent Super 5 Fountain Pen and Pencil Set, boxed.  (Soft Medium-Fine)
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MS615 Skribent Super 5 Fountain Pen and Pencil Set, boxed. (Soft Medium-Fine)

Date: c1950s

Size: Length - 137mm capped; 157mm posted.

A very uncommon Danuish fountain pen set made in the early 1950s by the Oberg factory, which also made Montblanc pens in Denmark.  After doing a bit of research, I believe that it was made for the Benzon Pen Co., also in Denmark and they used the Montblanc 20x and 21x series as a base, but with differently designed trim.  This pen set was made using the same machinery as the MB 2xx and it has exactly the same dimensions: there is a certain interchangeability of parts between the MB 206 and the Super 5. The internal mechanism of the repeater pencil is also the same as that of the MB. An interesting pen set for anyone collecting Montblanc or Montblanc exotica. This pen set is in very good condition.  It has a lovely glossy appearance, but there are minor usage/wear marks to the surface which aren't readily apparent.  There is also very minor foxing and plating wear to the trim generally, but again, this does not mar the look of this very unusual set.  

The fountain pen has a black cabochon top "jewel" with a fluted gold plated tapering pocket clip, and a "stacked coin" cap band.  At the end of the barrel is a black blind cap that covers the brass filling button.  The imprint on this pen is to the side of the cap.  This is in nice condition and still easy to read, though there is a bit of fading to the top left.  The 14 carat gold nib is marked "Skribent" and "5".  

The push-button repeater clutch pencil has a similar pocket clip and gold plated band with a gold plated point to match.  The imprint "SKRIBENT"/"AUTOMATIC" is again in very nice condition.  I have fitted a new 1.18mm lead into the mechanism and the pencil is all ready to go.  

The very unusual leather case has brass bound edges and a little brass catch to close it.  Inside it is very clean and tidy, with two leather loops which are sized just right for the pen and pencil.  the outside has a couple of little scratches and stains, but the leather itself is still supple and soft.  

I have fully serviced this set, and both pieces work perfectly.  The nib writes with a good wet line that has some softness to it and produces a good fine to medium width line.  

A very unusual set - the leather case is also lovely.  

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