MS616 Two-Fold Combination Fountain Pen/Pencil. (Soft Broad)

MS616 Two-Fold Combination Fountain Pen/Pencil.  (Soft Broad)
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MS616 Two-Fold Combination Fountain Pen/Pencil. (Soft Broad)

Date: c1920s

Size: Length - 150mm capped; 170mm posted.

A very unusual and very interesting pen, which is a novel take on the "combination" pens so popular in the 1920s and 1930s.  Two-Fold was a sub-brand of Wyvern.  This pen is in very good condition - I can see some very fine surface wear to the cap mainly but other than that it appears undamaged.  Both cap and barrel are made from hard rubber with bands of chasing consisting of closely spaced vertical lines.  The cap has a ball-ended pocket clip, and, at the top, the very unusual pencil mechanism.  This consists of a conical ended piece that has a long screw thread that engages into a thread at the cap top.  You can vary the amount of this piece that extends from the cap top by about 1/4 inch.  When you take this piece out, you can see that the lead is held stationary in the top of the cap, and is exposed by screwing the conical ended piece down.  Difficult to explain but simple to use and surprisingly effective.  The lead size used in this pencil is the old VS or 1.5mm lead, which is no longer easily available.  Luckily, like many of these pencils, the Faber-Castell 1.4mm leads will also fit, and I have installed a fresh one of these.


On the barrel is a crisp and clear imprint.  The filling lever has a flat squared-off end.  The steel nib is a typical 1920s budget nib, marked "Non-Corrosive" and "1st Qualiy".  The tip does not have an iridium pellet, but is spoon-shaped with a hardened under-surface, and writes surprisingly well.

I have fully serviced this pen.  The broad nib has some softness to it and will produce a little line width variation as you write.  

A very unusual combination pen.

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