PA2493 Parker 51 Aerometric Fountain Pen and Pencil Set. (Broad)

PA2493 Parker 51 Aerometric Fountain Pen and Pencil Set. (Broad)
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PA2493 Parker 51 Aerometric Fountain Pen and Pencil Set. (Broad)

Date: c1950

A very pretty English India Black Parker 51 set.  Condition is generally very good, with the only damage that I can see being a small crease ding to the side of the pencil's cap which I have tried to show in the photos below.  It is not really noticeable and you have to search for it in order to spot it.  Otherwise, bot pieces are very glossy in appearance with clear cap jewels, good chrome plating to the clips, and the lovely cap frosting that Parker does so well.  Both caps have a clear grey top jewel with a chrome plated long arrow Parker pocket clip.  The cap lips are polished in contrast with the frosted cap bodies with the Parker imprint just above these polished bands.

Fountain Pen

There is a faint but complete imprint at the forward end of the barrel that identifies the pen as an English example and the date code following the imprint is for 1950, so this is a fairly early Aerometric pen.  The barrel unscrews to reveal the Aerometric filler which is in excellent undamaged and shiny condition.  The original pliglass ink sac is still installed and is still pervectly serviceable.  The hooded nib is in a broad point and made from 14 carat gold.  


This is a clutch type pencil where the lead is released from the clutch by pressing down on the cap. The cap pulls off to reveal the stub of the original eraser.  Below the eraser is the spare lead hopper.  I have installed a fresh lead in the mechanism so the pencil is all ready to go. 

I have fully  serviced this set.  The nib writes very smoothly, just how you would expect and hope a Parker 51 to write.  It is a broad nib, which is not too common, and it puts down a lovely wet line.

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