SC045 Scripto Lady Ballpoint and Pencil Set, boxed

SC045 Scripto Lady Ballpoint and Pencil Set, boxed
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SC045 Scripto Lady Ballpoint and Pencil Set, boxed

Date: c1960s

Size: Length - 108mm.

A very pretty little gold plated ballpoint and pencil set in excellent condition with no damage at all on it that I was able to spot.  These hexagonal pens are decorated with machine engraved barleycorn pattern.  Usually, the Scripto Lady pens are engraved with a series of vertical lines, so having a barleycorn set is quite unusual.   There is a very clear imprint in the centre of the barrels.  


Usually, the ballpoints are retractable, but this one has been designed with a little brass collar around the refill which holds it steady in the pen.  The knurled crown can be unscrewed then in order to change the refill.  I have fitted a brand new refill (the Schmidt 700 refills fit perfectly).  


This is the first Lady pencil I have ever had.  To find it in a boxed set with a ballpoint pen is just icing on the cake.  This is a clutch-type pencil.  You press on the little brass end button to open the clutch and allow the lead to move forward.  I have installed a fresh 1.18mm lead and it is working perfectly. 


The original box is also in excellent condition.  It is finished with a textured silver foil covering.  

A very attractive and quite unusual Scripto Lady set.  

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