SH1634 Sheaffer Stylist Fountain Pen and Ballpoint Set, boxed. (Medium)

SH1634 Sheaffer Stylist Fountain Pen and Ballpoint Set, boxed.  (Medium)
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SH1634 Sheaffer Stylist Fountain Pen and Ballpoint Set, boxed. (Medium)

Date: c1960s

Size: Capped - 5 1/4 inches; posted - 5 13/16 inches.

A fairly unusual example of a late model Stylist set.  This set represents the final form of the Stylist model, with the Imperial-like caps and short conical nib.  This set is in excellent condition with no damage that I can see.  

Fountain Pen

Both cap and barrel taper quite a bit toward the end.  The brushed steel cap has a lovely delicate texturing.  It has a short chrome plated pocket clip with the Sheaffer white dot at the shoulder.   The imprint is around the cap lip.  The black barrel is unmarked by scratches.  It unscrews to allow the fitting of a standard Sheaffer ink cartridge or a standard Sheaffer ink converter (not included).  The short Triumph style nib is in a medium point.


A retractable ballpoint pen with the "reminder" clip mechanism.  You press down on the lower end of the pocket clip to extend the writing point, and on the clip shoulder to retract it again.  This pen, too, is in excellent condition. It is fitted with what is probably its original Sheaffer ballpoint refill.  It still works perfectly. 


The blue faux crocodile box is a bit tatty at the corners, but is still in one piece and has protected the pens inside very well.  There is an instruction sheet in the box, but it looks older to me than the rest of the set.  


I have fully serviced this set.  The nib is nice and smooth and writes effortlessly with a wet and medium width consistent line.  The ballpoint pen is working perfectly.

A rather unusual set.

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