SH1656 Sheaffer Prelude. (Medium)

SH1656 Sheaffer Prelude.  (Medium)
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SH1656 Sheaffer Prelude. (Medium)

Date: c1990s

Size: Capped - 134mm; posted - 153mm.

A lovely shiny polished chrome finish Prelude fountain pen with the chrome plated trim.  This pen is in excellent condition with no damage noted.  The Sheaffer Prelude pens are full sized with a good heft and very well balanced.  The pocket clip has the Sheaffer white dot at the top and the chrome tassie with the white pearly cap "jewel".  The cap girdle bears the "SHEAFFER USA" imprint.  The cap pulls off and seats again with a reassuring click.  The gripping section is well designed and contoured for a good sure grip.  The barrel unscrews to fill the pen.  You can use either a standard Sheaffer ink converter or standard Sheaffer ink cartridges (neither included - let me know if you need a converter or cartridges as I have both in stock).  The steel nib is in a medium point and totally undamaged.  

I have fully serviced this pen.  The nib is nice and smooth and produces a lovely wet and consistent medium width line.

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